Monday, June 30, 2014

Email #16: I wasn't promised the gift of translation

What ever happened with the car accident thing?

So on Tuesday Sister Lamson was cooking and smoke was going everywhere! And the fire alarm turned on and Sister Eddington and I had to stand on chairs and fan the alarm until it went off. It was terrible! We also visited Brother Jamie. He is so sick. He is in the hospital again. Getting more of his leg cut off this week. So sad.  I just feel so bad for him! Their family is so nice! It is such a big trial in his life. He wants to be sealed with his family but he cannot physically go to church!

So I have the worst luck in the world! On Tuesday night when we were sleeping, my railing on my bed broke and I fell off. Yep I fell off my bed! Landed right on my knee. I felt like it was broken or something. It hurt so bad.  I couldn’t walk and it was bleeding. But the next morning I woke up and it still hurt but didn’t look bad.  I can’t kneel for prayer though because it is bruised. It hurts! So Wednesday we went to this place, which I guess is the worst part of Noveleta. (Like place for drugs and unsafe for foreigners.) So Brother Wilmar had to come with us. And we went to contact a referral, but their neighbors were having a fight. Two girls were yelling at each other and one was throwing rocks! They were flying everywhere. Everyone just sat and watched. I almost got hit by a rock -- it was like inches away from me. So needless to say we rescheduled our appointment.

Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was super good! It was a lot about taking care of yourself and keeping things clean and not spending all of your support money right after you receive it. It was good. Then there were some spiritual things too! But now in our mission everyday from 4:30-6 it is “finding time.” So we are not to schedule appointments unless it is the only time. We have to, well, find people who want to listen. It is kinda hard actually. We walk alot during that time.

My stomach was acting up Friday and Saturday. I forgot how much of a pain it is.

Yesterday Webster visited his mom in a different city and didn’t go to church :( So we don’t know what will happen with him. Super sad,,,

This week I figured out that I need to be patient with myself and realize what I have. In my blessing I was promised the gift of tongues. I have definitely gotten it. I can speak pretty well. I am good at grammar. I do fine speaking in lessons. But I was so focused on not understanding that I ignored what I have. I wasn't promised the gift of translation. And I definitely don’t have that. I don’t understand a lot. It is super hard. But I need to just keep working. It is so hard though. I was so focused on what I didn’t have that I forgot what I do have. And I realized that I am turning into a missionary. I don't care if I transfer or Sister Sevia does but I do care that one of us stays because of Webster and Jamie.  They need one of us. Before, I wanted to stay so I could be the one to be here but now I just want one of us to stay because they need us.

Well momma sorry it isn’t a long email. Hope you have a good week! Love you!

We helped this man find shells for his dinner.
Now he's our investigator.  : )

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