Monday, July 7, 2014

Email #17: Silly but a super cool experience!

$2000 SWEET!!!! That is definitely going toward school for when I get home! I will definitely need it! My knee is fine now. I am pretty sure I will have a scar from it and a permanent dent.  PRIMARY! Wow I bet that’s fun. Now all your students will see you on Sundays too! That’s a good idea actually! Haha.

I am super excited for my clothes! I hope they fit too!

So I forgot this last week. We were at a less actives house and they have a dog and it was being so loud! Like we couldn't even talk so we started and I SO prayed for the dog to be quiet and guess what?? He didn’t bark the whole lesson! Not until we said amen for the closing prayer. It is a silly but a super cool experience!

So Tuesday we went to Jamie’s. Sorry I thought I had a picture but I don’t. But I will get one this week. So last week he went to the hospital and they have so many hospital bills and medical bills and they cant afford it. It is super sad. They had to call the church for help with money and their family in America can’t help them either. We walked into that house and we could feel the sadness and stress and it was like we walked into the dark. I will never forget the feeling as we walked into the house. They literally have NO money! They are so worried because they have two babies. And they care for a really old mother. And him. Mom - like seriously it was the saddest thing ever. SO we shared my favorite scripture. Mosiah 24:14 about how God is always with us in trials and will strengthen us. They cried. They are so thankful for our visits. And he wants to be sealed to his family so bad but he can’t go to church and so he can’t be baptized. I just love that family so so so much! It makes me so sad. We are going to give them a picture of the temple and of Jesus to put up in the house to hopefully brighten it up. But seriously I will never forget that feeling walking in.

So also, Tuesday was July 1 and that is the 1 year birthday of the Cavite Mission!!!!!! So it is kinda a big deal! So today we have a birthday we are going to (why we are emailing early). So us Noveleta sisters had matching shirts made! (picture to come).

Wednesday Sister Sevia got sick again. So we didn’t work all day. We had to go home.

Ay na ko! (expression) We were punted all day on Thursday. We ended up walking straight for about 2.5 hours! It was terrible. We were so tired!!! But that night there was a YSA activity and we were invited. That was cool. But you said that it has started to rain. Mom you don’t even know what rain is. I thought rainy season started. Nope this week it did. (Just wait for the picture) It flooded and it was only like an hour and a half. We were soaking wet!!!!

So Friday Sister Sevia was sick again so we didn’t work for part of the day again. I am worried about her. But I don’t know what we can do.

Oh my gosh!  So yesterday at church was terrible. We were in gospel doctrine class and the person conducting wanted to teach a bit so he did. Then he told someone else to. However he didn’t like what the guy started saying so he interrupted him. And the guy was like, “Okay I can teach,”  So he was like, “Take your seat.”  “No I will teach.”   “Take you seat.”  It was terrible! Thy were arguing in front of the class. We were like --just sit down. There is no spirit. It was so terrible we were all like—are you kidding me?!?!? We had an investigator there too! It was ridiculous! And he wasn’t even teaching the lesson. He went to a
totally different lesson then he started with. It was so terrible!

I learned a lot this week about myself being a missionary. About how to become a better one. About tagalog! This is still the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. So hard!  But I can see how much I am learning.

Well momma I love you tons!!!! Hope you have a great week!

Love Sister Mayberry!

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