Monday, June 16, 2014

Email #14: Holy Rain!!!

Sister Leavitt and I on splits


This week was great!!!! I did get your pictures. I miss you all tons. I hope you told everyone hello for me and I miss them all. Tink loves me and misses me that’s why she is in on my bed all the time :) Man I miss that cat so much!!!!

So Monday we went to Rosario and went to the mall. We went to McDonalds!!!! I had my meal I always get! It was great!!! Pero I missed the rice haha and it hurt my stomach a little. American food just doesn't agree haha. And I had a soda.  It was like the size of a medium in America and I could barely drink it all. It was a lot haha weird because before my mission I could down it no problem but now it’s hard haha.

SO Tuesday we had companion exchanges. It was great. I went to Molino and the sister training leader I was with is my lola (grandma). She was Sister Sevia’s trainer. She goes home in July. She is fluent and I learned a lot of Tagalog form her. Their house is about a million times cooler than ours. They are very lucky because it is easier to do everything when it’s cooler. On Wednesday I had a little meltdown. I was being same old myself and freaking out about a task and then … well freaking out. I have always done that. With homework in high school, well everything. Then I just had to breathe and do it and figure out the Tagalog and how to teach it and I was fine. It was a good day. We went to her investigator named Princess. It was such a spiritual lesson!!! She cried and has such a desire to repent. She is scared actually because she hasn’t yet. It was so spiritual. A miracle. Sister Leavitt said that her and her companion have been praying for a break through with her. It was great!!!.

Rainy season has started! It rained on us all day!!!  So on the way home from exchanges Sister Sevia and I took the wrong bus. But the driver knew where we were going. SO he stops on this like deserted road and was like, “Noveleta here.” And we were like ahhh what??  It was so funny!  We learned we were actually super close to home but it was great. We were like, “What?  Your dropping us off here. There isn’t anything here!”

Holy Rain!!! So Thursday it started pouring just as we left the house. We used umbrellas but it didn’t matter because the wind was so hard that you just got soaked. So my gray skirt went form light gray to dark. It was great.  We were just laughing the whole time we were walking. Actually pretty fun hahaha. That day was A MIRACLE DAY!!! We went home that night just so happy. So after our first appointment we got punted. But we just kept trying. We went to Webster's and we found how much of a miracle he really is. Sister jenny said that before he would yell at them, call them stupid Mormons, yell bad words at them, say I will never be one of you, or wouldn't go anywhere with them because they were "stupid Mormons".  It was so bad. But after his brother got baptized his heart was softened. And now he won’t push his baptism back. He has such a desire!! Pero we had to push it back a week because we have too much to teach him. So now it is July 5. And their neighbor, who is 15 now, wants to be baptized!!! Which is great! Then their neighbor Emma. We haven’t taught her in like a month because she has been so busy with this big event planning but now it is over so we can again. (FYI she went to the church tour last week). We go to teach her less active neighbor and she sees us and says, “Sisters I miss you. I am so happy to see you.”  So we asked her to join the lesson and she did. We taught about Joseph Smith and the BOM. It was such a spiritual lesson and she asked questions. It was a breakthrough lesson! MIRACLE!!! Then we went to Brother Jamie and we taught in his room because there is aircon. It is hard for him to breathe if it is too hot. And we sang Families Can Be Together Forever. And the spirit was so strong!!! Sister Beth cried and Jamie almost did. And he was like rubbing his daughters back during it. It was so spiritual!!!!!!!!!!!! The spirit was there!!! After that we had no idea where to go. We had a plan but it didn’t feel like it was right. So there is this family, the Rocco family. The father is less active and bishop gave us the assignment to get him to come to church. So we try to go visit him but every time he is gone. He is gone at night. We would have to visit in the morning, which is hard because we have studies. So Sister Sevia said maybe we should go see if he is there. So we sat there for a second and I said, “Well let’s try.”  So they have a tindahan (little store). So I bought these super delicious chocolate things that aren’t in America. And I asked the daughter were her dad was. She said inside. I was like what?"!?!?!?!? HE’S HERE! SO we had a lesson about enduring to the end. And I think it hit him. Really you could tell. The spirit was strong! The daughters testified about how it would be to go to church as a family. He didn't come to church because of work but I know we got him thinking and he felt the spirit. But it truly was a miracle. We have been praying for like for about 3 months!! It was a MIRACLE DAY!!!

Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference! It was great! Saturday was all about helping missionaries. Sunday was a mix. But Saturday after Women's session and before general session we went to this store to buy a snack and Sister Sevia and I bought a package of doowee donuts. They are just donuts but they are our favorite. We buy them all the time! I think it has turned into a sentimental thing now. But we ate all 10 that day! It was so funny and delicious and great! Hahahahha We sang I’ll Go Where You Want Me To Go and Sister Sevia kept making me laugh and I was trying not to so, you know me, I started to cry because of laughing. So this year our zone has had 23 baptisms. Our ward has had half -- 11! Our ward is awesome!! HAHA

So last night we had agreat lesson with Webster. It was about the BOM and iI know he felt the spirit. I know it. I could tell.  His demeanor changed and the spirit was there. We left just saying I love that family so much. We all felt something. It was such a good lesson. Miracle too. We couldn’t say anything. We just were silent because it was so good! This week was truly a great week. Miracle.

Well momma -- long email this week! I love you all so much!!!

The missionaries and the Relief Society

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