Monday, June 23, 2014

Email #15: We had 12 less actives at church.

Oh hiking. I love that! I am so out of shape now. It is terrible. I am trying to run everyday while my roommates play basketball and volleyball. It helps me to relax. Transfers are July 16 and that will mark my 6 month out on a mission mark too. Aww I love Sister Bigelow. She is so nice! Always so welcoming. I love her too!

So Monday we had FHE at an investigator of the other sisters. We had to leave because we had an appointment. But they were so nice they fed us while everyone was watching the restoration. They are super. Everyone here ALWAYS feeds you. And they feel bad if they can’t. Our areas are more poor so they can’t often but in other areas they ALWAYS give you something.

Tuesday we had FHE again with the Santiago family. Other sister’s area again. It was one of the girl’s birthdays. Sister Lamson bought cake. It was fun. We played a game where if you lost you had to put powder on your face. Then afterwards there was a cake fight. That was super fun! Haha.

So Wednesday we went to Jamie’s to visit him and we found out that the night before he went to the hospital. He was in the ICU. He is home now but now he has a wheelchair. It is so sad.  We wrote him a note and Sister Beth said he cried when he read it. So sad. We went to a less active family named Fiel. Their son had a problem with his appendix last week and was in the hospital. So he is home now but his medicine makes his skin very dry. And it is so painful for him and there isn’t anything they can do for it. So we offered a priesthood blessing. We returned with priesthood and gave him a blessing. It was a great experience. The spirit was strong and the dad was there for the first time.

Thursday was terrible! I got sick! I was dizzy. I have no idea what our lessons were. It was terrible. So we went home early and I slept. I lost my appetite and felt just terrible. I slept for like hours and was pretty fine the next day. That morning Sister Sevia and I were reading about temple work. Have you done grandpa’s work? If not I think you should! And for Smitty too!

Friday we went to the mission office because our phone was messing up. That took way long! Annoying haha. And that night we went to Maylene and Kim’s. The less active’s wife. She has to work on Sundays now which is super sad. She switched jobs. And the job is in Bacoor which isn’t super far but far enough that she doesn’t come home often. But she is reading everyday!!!! She is in Alma. We were super excited because we didn’t think she was!

Saturday we had an appointment with this man named Rolly. We OYM (open your mouth) while we were playing hopscotch ON THE BEACH!! (With some super cute kids!) We had a lesson and he said he would come to church. We had an appointment with a less active lady and then her brother (less active ) and kanahay (less active) came. It was great.

So Sunday…  ready for this! We had 12 less actives at church. The Fiel family and the family we met with on Saturday and Oribello who almost got reactivated but hasn’t gone to church in like 3 weeks. It was great!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited.  And we had 3 investigators there. ROLLY CAME!! After only one lesson. It was so great! And Cristlyn (referral from Sister Jenny) finally came! It was a great Sunday for church!

Oh so mom can you send me my skirt that has the pockets? I wore it when I got set apart? A ton of my clothes got ruined with bleach and I have no idea how,. It wasn’t me. So my black skirt is gone.  And a ton of my shirts. So that skirt and any shirts I have that you think I could wear here. That would be very much appreciated. And fast if you could. I know you just sent one. But I really need it. Thanks! And beef jerky is the best thing ever! Oh and my Twizzlers :) Well momma I love you!

This is a house in our area.  CRAZY!

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