Monday, June 9, 2014

Email #13: I am doing great I really am.

I'm actually eating MANGO'S !!

Holy questions Momma! Haha. Yes I am still taking that medicine. My feet swell if I don’t take it. Sister Sevia’s back hurts her a lot. Sometimes we have to go home because it is so bad. None of the doctors have been able to tell her what it is. It is just that salt makes it worse but not go away. S’O she cant eat it anymore. It is hard for her -- she LOVES salt. And for me – I just had a bad cold. Sister B had it and gave it to us.  And yes, I have a journal.  I don’t write in it everyday, but when something that is awesome or funny or like I want to remember it, I write in it. But I have my 5 year journal that I am writing in also. Where is the new taco shop?

SO Monday we had FHE with the Montemayor family. They are awesome.  We have FHE with them alot. They have a car so the grandpa always drives us home in AIR CON! This time on the way home he bought us a ton of mangos! Like 1000 pesos of mangos and that is a lot!!! They are so good! I LOVE MONGOS! Yep I said it. I love them! I eat them all the time! And we found out about transfers. I did not transfer and neither did Sister Sevia. And sister Lamson got a new kasama. She is American from Arizona too! She’s my batch so we were in the MTC together. It is weird to have another American here. I don’t like it haha. Everyone compares us and that’s hard.

Tuesday we had district meeting where we always practice. With this practice you have 30 seconds for each principle and then your kasama does the next one. we did it in English because I don’t think that fast in Tagalog but I did say random things in Tagalog. It was cool to see that even when I am trying to speak in English, I still use Tagalog!

Wednesday we picked up Sister Eddington!  My tagalog that day was so good! I could seriously see myself improving and understanding more. Now I can understand people! Well not really because I just need more vocab but I am recognizing the grammar and stuff which is what was hard before. I was so exited!!  So do you remember Bobbit? Well we didn't teach him but we taught his mom again, She is awesome. After the lesson she just said she is so thankful because her church’s doctrine is so confusing and we helped her not to be confused anymore. She was so thankful. I love her. But she is so old that she can’t really come to church. She cannot walk really. Sad but we are gonna keep teaching her. It was awesome!!!

So Thursday I discovered I had 17 -- yes 17 -- new bug bites!!!! They hurt so bad! It was miserable!!!! We went to the hospital to get Sister Sevia an ultrasound for her back! (It was normal by the way)  While we were waiting, there was this talk show on. It is this little girl who is like 5 years old. It is ridiculous!!! She runs around doing whatever she wants. It was terrible! She is the youngest host in the whole world. I have no idea how she got her own show. It’s terrible!  So I am to the point where people are amazed that I have only been here for 3 months. But, they don’t realize that the Tagalog I use is basically all I know! I just don’t let them know haha. But it is great to hear people say but you are fluent in Tagalog. But really not.

Friday! Ok so do you remember Jamie? The one with diabetes. Kindest family ever!!! They fed us dinner on Tuesday. (It was someone’s birthday and they insisted we stayed for food and cake.  I felt so bad) Friday we go and they buy us so much stuff. But Friday they fed us again and it was great. Then after, Jamie just kept saying, “If it rains and you are close - come here.  Don’t worry this is your home too. If you need anything just come here. If it floods and you have to sleep here you can. How much is your trike fare, here let me pay it. Let me do this – let me do this.” And he won’t let us thank him for the food. Seriously so nice!!!  We were like - we are just being respectful.  He said ok but don’t thank me. Gosh I love that family so much - nicest people ever!!!

So Saturday we had a church tour for investigators. Members were supposed to bring friends or family but not many did. It was kinda sad. But we had 2 of our investigators show up and they brought someone. Emma came. She has been a hard one. When she showed up with her less active friend Imelda (who we are teaching too) she said are you amazed? And we were like, “No we are happy.” But Sister Soleta, a member, framed a bunch of pictures of Christ for us to give out. So that was cool! She also feeds us every other Sunday! She is great! But the tour was good and it helped out the other sister alot.

So you asked what to put in my next package. GATORADE!!! Like the powder.  It is so expensive here! We can only buy it every once in a while. Haha. Well momma I love you tons!!!!

I am doing great I really am. Don’t worry! I LOVE YOU!!!

There are chickens everywhere….
especially in our LESSONS!

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