Monday, July 14, 2014

Email #18: SO my week was pretty much all sick.

Wow. First off dad looks SO skinny. You both do but dad looks way skinny.  We find out today about transfers but we do not know yet. So I’ll have to let you know next week!  We haven't really asked yet about Jamie becoming a member even though he can’t go to church. We have talked to Bishop but not President.  Oh and by the way have you gotten any of my cards?

So Monday was our mission’s birthday party. It was super fun.  We went to a Stake Center in Dasma. We had games outside and had cake and watched a video. It was so fun. I had to say goodbye to my lola (grandma).   She is Sister Sevia’s trainer.   She goes home Wednesday. It is crazy!!

SO this week we found out we have no running water for half the day. So we have big buckets of water in case we need them. Ya –that’s always fun. And guess what?!?!?!?!? I got sick. Wednesday and Thursday we came home early because my stomach was bothering me so much. It was miserable. Then Friday I skipped part of our studies. Saturday we came home early again. I guess I ate something bad. I have no idea what because I didn’t eat any street food or anything. But I had the worst abdominal pain EVER!!  I got medicine and it helped.  I couldn't even kneel for prayer because I had no energy.  SO my week was pretty much all sick.   I was on a rice, apple, and toast diet for all yesterday and Saturday.  SO ya that was my week.

Well momma I am fine now so don’t worry. I love you tons. Have a good week!

She emailed later and said that she was NOT transferred - she is staying !!

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