Saturday, July 26, 2014

Email #19 From July 20th: So Wednesday - was my first typhoon !!

So Monday we went to have FHE at this home. IDK if I told you about the guy who got in a car accident or not.  But last week we met him and his truck flipped 3 times and he is now paralyzed. He can move his head and his arm and that’s all. He is a less active and his wife is a non member.  His daughter is a boy who dresses like a girl.  Well….  so we go Monday for FHE and it’s great.  But there is a Muslim church right next to their house and so hahaha in the middle of my teaching they start praying. And they’re using a mic so all you here is them praying. It was super funny. We had to stop for a second because we were all just like laughing. So at the end Sister Emily (wife) sang for us but Angelo (brother) did too! Sister helped him sit up and they sang together. It was a miracle. I can see such progress. Then we went back on Saturday and he was able to SHAKE OUR HANDS!!!! He could move his hand enough to shake ours. And he could sit up by himself without Sister Emily holding him up!!! It was seriously one of the coolest things ever!!!!

Tuesday Sister Sevia had to choose who to say goodbye to because she transferred. We went to Jamie’s and Webster’s. It was super sad. I realized that I will miss her a ton!!!!!!! And we found out about the typhoon. We were like freaking out because we would have to travel in it. But it was okay because transfers were postponed.

So Wednesday was my first typhoon! It was crazy! We lost power and water. The rain was so strong. And the wind. Everyone was frantically preparing. It was crazy!!! I have never even experienced anything close to it before. It was so loud. It was like what you always see on the news. After it was over, we sat on the porch because we were not allowed to leave all day. And I got 14 new bug bites on my left leg and 17 on my
right?!?!?!? It was terrible!!!

So Thursday was transfers. It was sad. I am not gonna lie….  I teared up a little when I had to say goodbye to Sister Sevia!  I love her!!!!  And while I was waiting for my new companion,  Sister Tye wanted to talk to me. so we went in President’s office and talked about my stomach. It was hard! She said she thinks I might have a stomach bug or something. So I had to get a white blood cell test. And well it wasn’t normal. It was higher than it should be. So a doctor gave me medicine that I have to take 3 times a day for a week. It is like de worming pills or something. IDK. I have something because it is still bothering me. So ya that’s fun. It was hard because Sister Tye was trying to call me after I got my test but at our house we had very little reception so she couldn’t reach me. So we had to walk out of the subdivision to get a hold of her. But we had no power so we were going in the dark. And our phone was dying and it was terrible! But President Tye called me and was talking to me and telling Sister Tye everything and then Sister Tye was telling the doctor on her phone. I am hoping that everything is okay. We will see.

We finally got power and water yesterday! We spent Tuesday to Sunday with no  lights or water. That was oh so much fun! I thought it was hot before…..  it is way worse when there is NO fan!

So we have a wedding next month of a girl named Maricris and Mark. And then Maricris is getting baptized not to long after that. And guess what?!?!?!?!? Webster is getting baptized this week! I am so excited. It has definitely been a long time coming!!! Very excited!

Well ya so Cali looks beautiful as always! I hope you have lots of fun!

Oops I forgot to tell you about my companion.  Haha. Her name is Sister Sefeti and she is from Fiji. She is only 6 weeks older than me in the mission but her Tagalog is super good. She speaks English! They do that in Fiji.  Weird right?!?!? But ya she is super nice.  I like her a lot!

My new companion

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