Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Email #20 from July 27, 2014: Kenna's coming home

From Mom:

We received a call from McKenna last week telling us that she is not getting better.  After the doctors advised the Mission President, he issued an honorable medical release for McKenna so that she can come home to have some tests that they did not want to do in the Philippines.  We spoke to President Tye and then received a wonderful email from him.  This is a very hard decision, and there have been many tears.  But…..  McKenna is indeed coming home.  Here is her email for this week:


So Webster’s baptism was great! It was hard because I knew it was my last but it was great. He was so excited!!!! Probably the most excited out of them all. He was so happy. It was truly a great moment for him.

Well mom I got your package. I don’t have it yet but it’s here.

I have no idea when I’ll be coming home. They are trying to get my passport. The office was closed until this morning so they couldn’t do anything until now. But on Wednesday i have to get fingerprinted. I have been here long enough that i have to get an exit visa. So after that, I am not sure how long. So ya that’s all we know right now. I don’t want to leave -- like really. But at the baptism I finally had the feeling it was right. And President Tye said that Sister Tye was fasting for me so he knows that this is the right thing. He made me feel a lot better after we got off the phone. Chad was doing his normal big brother thing. And it was hard. But he made me feel better. I was reading through all the quotes in my quote box. And they just made feel like it was right also. It is super hard. I don’t want to go but I know I have to. But it brought me alot of peace knowing that I can go back out after.

Mom not much to say --  just I love you

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