Monday, March 3, 2014

MTC EMail #5: I have flight plans !!

I'm leaving on Monday !!

SO FLIGHT PLANS!!!! Everyone going to Cavite and San Pablo are flying together. (that means my district) Next Monday -- 11:06 leave Salt Lake to Seattle then Seattle at 2:05 to TOKYO!!!!!!!! Then Tokyo to Manilla. We arrive in Manila at 10:55 so it will be a long time!!!! So i will be flying with Sis. Dryer and Sis Vaka!!!!    I'M GIONG TO TOKYO!! Haha So I will call you sometime between 8-12. And if i have the prepaid phone I can call in Seattle if I have time.

SO me and sister Vaka stayed up late talking two nights this week, One of them I needed. (My letter that I sent you) --  the other one she needed. So we stayed up till midnight and talked. It was great for me though because it was like  a "ya i know this is true" moment. It was really nice. It strengthened my testimony so much. 

We taught the law of chasitity this week. It went so good!!! He wanted the pamphlet when we were done. It is awesome!! I love seeing change in people. So Saturday was a good wake up call day. We started with language study. So you know how I was in speech therapy for what 4 years. I couldn't say my R's. Well now I say them super hard and tagalog is all soft R's. IT IS SUPER HARD TO SAY A WORD WITH AN R!!! I can say 2 words right that's all that have r's in them. It was a lot of work to get to say them. I have to retrain my mouth and my tounge to speak how they are supposed to. It is so hard. In my setting apart blessing it said I will speak like a native and people will be surprised that it isn't my first language. I am taking that to heart. I have no idea how because it's hard. It took me 2 hours to get to say para cprrectly. I am holding on to that promise because it is hard. Before I got here I didn't know how muich that would mean to me. But it means alot!!! Also we had to teach the first lesson by oursleves to a classmate all sa tagalog. I DID IT!!! Within 4 weeks I know how to teach the first lesson in only TAGALOG!!! And by myself without relying on my kasama. It was like a "wow -- look at what i can do!"

Sunday was a great day! I felt the spirit so strong! You know how I get goosbumps when I feel the spirit. Well …..then your hair grows? I am pretty sure I have a redwood forest on my legs now because I had goodbumps ALL DAY!!!! We sang the sisters in zion song and I got them.  We say the efy mash bup and i got them! I just had them all day!!! And since it was testimony meeting I GOT UP and bore my testimony sa tagalog!!!! It was awesome to be able to do it!!! My spirtual experiences happen so often that they aren't like share worthy because they are small. Like singing and feeling the spirit. They are CONSTANT!! But in a week when I am in the PHILIPPINES I bet i will have a ton!

Make sure that it's a prepaid phone not a phone card. Dahil I will be able to use that for sure and I won't have a guarantee with a phone card. Sis Dryer gave me the idea. I NEED CUTICLE OIL!!!! My nails are so bad! And I get hangnails so much and so bad!!!! What is his EMAIL address? I think I am just going to email him. I do not know about packages. Did you talk to Holden's mom? If not go to my Facebook and go to the Cavite families blog and ask there. Chad can help you with that. Well momma I love you!!!! Oh by the way I think you meant to send me a picture of tink in my room pero it had no picture so that it what I am guessing it was haha. LOVE YOU!!!!!! Tell dad to send me a dearelder before friday!!!! I want somehting frpom him and since wqe leave early on monday i wont get it then and saturday it clsoes early. SO make sure everything will get here on friday! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

When Chad gets his truck I want a picture!!!! I will definitely be careful on the plane. That is good to know. Keep me updated!!!NEXT EMAIL WILL BE FROM THE PHILIPPINES!!!


Sister Mayberry
Chatting with Mom !!

My AWESOME district !!

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