Monday, March 31, 2014

Email #3: I'm the clean one. Yep me !!

Kenna's apartment

I figured that you wouldn’t send me an email because we are emailing alot earlier than normal. We have a zone activity today and we’re going to the beach so we are emailing SUPER early. So this week...

I figured out that I am really improving with food. The first Friday I was here we had a service project at Jenny’s and she fed us these rice cake WEIRD looking things. I didn’t grab one because I didn’t want to eat it. But on Tuesday she fed us them again and I had no problem eating it. It was all in my attitude -- which I knew going into this that it would be. But i am pretty proud of myself haha. 

I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY!!!! I eat a disgusting amount of food here. Like 3 times as much as I do at home -- like no joke. But I am always hungry. We will go eat at a member’s house for lunch on Sunday and by the time we get home I’m hungry again. It’s bad. ALWAYS!!!! I am never full. No matter how much they feed me. IDK how they are all so skinny.  They eat ALOT!!! So they feed us ALOT!!! And it doesn't matter. I’m always hungry!!

There are ants everywhere!!!! I am accepting the fact that ants are on all my books on our table and in our dishes. Doesn’t matter --  there will be ants. Thursday I went on an ant killing spree and it did help but they are always there! Sister Tye calls them diligent because they NEVER go away! And cockroaches. In a lesson I saw 3 HUGE ones walk across their wall. It was gross. Haha just a part of life.

SO Friday we went to bishop’s for dinner and his wife is a zumba instructor and was doing a class. So we got to watch for a little bit. I MISS ZUMBA!!! It made me want to do it so bad!!!!!!!!!!!! It was terrible!!!! That is the hardest thing here -- no dancing. Everywhere we go we hear American songs because they love them here. SIster Sevia and I have such a hard time not dancing.

So you’re probably wondering why I named the email holy ba.  Ready to 1: laugh at me  2:  feel sorry for me   3:  laugh at me again.   So in Tagalog ba makes a sentence a question.  So if you hear ba you know they are asking you something.
babababa=down question and if you want to be really good in grammar
bababa ka ba=you go down?
Yep that’s an actual word.  Fun right?!?!? I was like wow I am going to have to use my fingers to figure out how many bas I am saying so I don't say something like you chin?

So here in my apartment I am the clean one. Yep me. I am super clean but everyone is super dirty. And it is really hard because it is disgusting.  I thought it was just the Philippine lifestyle but nope a senior couple came and was worried about our cleanliness.  So it isn’t just because I’m in the Philippines.  They leave dishes out that have food in them. And they leave their dishes and if they spill things on the floor they leave it. It is hard and gross!!!! I have tried to get them to be cleaner but they don’t care.  It is hard…..

So I know why now that they don’t send a lot of girls to other countries. Most of them stay in the states. It is hard. People stare at me ALL DAY LONG. And not just occasionally – it’s everywhere I go. Every bus that we pass, every trike that we pass. People will slow down to look at me. They yell things at me. I’m kinda thankful I don know what they are saying. They always say good evening or whatever in an English accent. Someone yesterday called me madam. I get whistled at. It is really hard. There isn’t 2 minutes that go by that I don’t get stared at.  It is so hard. Somedays I am like, “Whatever.  It is life while I am here.”  And some other days I am like-- I am so tired of this. I guess I am doing good. My trainer said her first trainee would fight them back and say things.  But I know I can handle it.  It is definitely not for everyone. It is 24/7.

The  DELACRUZ family came to church yesterday!!!! The little girl was so happy!! I was so excited for them.

Well Momma I love you. I love Dad too!!!! Have a good week :)

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