Monday, February 24, 2014

MTC Email #4: I learned the HAKA

Sis. Vaka
(What the heck are they doing???  And - are those Hot Pockets?????)

WHAT?!?!?!?!? LISA GOT RELEASED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am shocked kinda.  It’s time but still…. What is her new calling? 

So yes – Sis. Dryer is going to Cavite also. We are the only ones in our ZONE going to Cavite. My roommates are going to San Pablo. There is another zone that is going to Cavite with us.  We play volleyball with them at gym. So -- funny thing. All the questions you asked are on my list to tell you. So every day at gym we play volleyball.  It is way fun.  Some are good -- some are not so good.  It’s a good mix. I now have my jump serve down which is way fun! I am doing pretty good. It’s just fun to have a good time and not worry about anything. So my normal day schedule is:
                        6:30               Wake Up
                        7:45-8:15      Breakfast
                        8:15-9:30      Language Study
                        9:30-10:30    More Language or Getting ready for Teaching
                        10:30-12:45  Class
                        12:45-1:15    Lunch
                        1:15-4:15      Class
                        4:15-5:45      Gym
                        5:45-6:30      Dinner
                        6:30-7:00      Daily Planning
                        7:00-8:00      Personal Study
                        8:00-9:00      Companion Study
                        9:00-9:30      Language
                        9:30-10:15    Get ready for Bed
                        10:15-10:30  Quiet Time
                        10:30             LIGHT’S OUT !        

So it is a pretty full day. TONS of studying – that’s all I do but that is okay! 

The food is all okay. I am still eating -- haha. We had like a shepards pie with mash potatoes, chicken, corn, and cheese and it was SOSOSOSOSO good! And they have HUGE rice krispies all the time!!! Best ever!  BUT..... I have gained weight. It’s hard not to -- they have so much food! But I’ll lose it all in the field -- haha. I don’t really know what the worst thing I’ve had is. There hasn’t been anything that was terrible! IDK haha

I did get the package. The skirt for me I have to send home because it’s too long. I can’t wear maxi skirts. The girls have no idea it was us. They think it was the branch president’s wife. SO we are in the clear. One of the shirts is Sister Vaka’s new favorite shirt. They liked all the stuff we gave them.  THANKS SO MUCH!!!

Did you call the place for my w-2 forms on the 5th? If not can you do that today????

So everything at the MTC is funnier. It is weird --well not to me haha but everyone else. We will watch church movies and everyone thinks it is the funniest thing ever and I’m like ahhhh okay then.

I LEARNED THE HAKA!!!! Sister Vaka taught me. SO me and Sis. Dryer are pretty much poly by heart! Haha. It is fun and the polys are like, “What?!?!? You white girls be doing that?!?”  It is great to see their reaction!!!!

The others in the other district left this morning. It is weird. They have become my best friends and it stinks because I probably won’t see any of them again but they are such good friends. I love everyone of them! It was so hard to say goodbye. I am sick AGAIN!!! So I gave them all elbows and not handshakes haha. It was seriously  SO SO SO SO hard to say goodbye. It is going to be so hard when I leave. 

GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?  ‘I get my flight plans on FRIDAY!!! Already!!!!!! It hasn’t been long enough to get them I feel like! It is crazy!!! But ya -- so next week I can tell you them. SO about calling home. Sis Dryer is having her parents send her a prepaid $20 phone card with like 5 hours of minutes on it and using that. I think you should too because then I know that I will have a phone because it is sometimes hard to find a free phone. I can use it at Salt Lake and call again on a layover and I know that for a fact I will call. I think you should -- it will be easier then if we miss a flight or get delayed I have that to call. Then I’ll just throw it away after I am done since it will only have a little bit of time on it. I think it is a great idea!!!!

I already told you my most spiritual thing that’s happened. The called to serve crying thing. Idk Sometimes when people testify I get goosebumps -- well that happens alot but not any like huge experiences. Just TONS of those little ones. And the coolest person we have seen is Elder Holland from last week. Everyone has seen someone from the 70 rather than the 12. I will definitely keep letting you know if we get someone super cool!!!

So we  have had this investigator -- her name is Joy. She is 18 and her brother joined the church ( in reality it is our teacher but she acts like an investigator she had).  She was super shy at first but this week she said she would be baptized -- so YAY!!! And another one we have is Andrew (22 from Atlanta and in the air force academy --grew up with Mormon friends -- again one of our teachers) and we were talking about modern day prophets because he asked us about the word of wisdom. At the end, out of the blue,  he said, "I cant be baptized because I have a girlfriend and we have sexual relations and we are not married. " we were like Ummm....... blank face…  we didn’t understand what he was saying in Tagalog at first so we had to play charades for a bit but we ended up getting it.  So we told him that prophets have received revelation about that and we would love to teach him about that next time we come. So our next lesson, which is tomorrow for him, is about the law of chastity in Tagalog. The leaders that just left are like,  “We haven’t even taught that yet.”  So we definitely have a challenge but we can do it!!!

Days just go by super fast. Everything blends into one. We often say something was last week -- oh wait no it was 2 days ago. Nothing changes. Just the same routine everyday. So sorry if it is repetitive. 

So experiment for you. Cross your legs -- your right over your left. Find the point where your legs hit. Now imagine a rash right there. Yep – that’s me. I have a RASH from crossing my legs too much!!!! It is terrible and hurts..... i

By the way just to let you know I LOVE SISTER VAKE. I have been pretty sick.  I have a bad cold.  And last night I left the room at like 10:45ish to go to the bathroom and blow my nose and cough and just be sick. She follows me in there and made sure I  was okay. I love her!!!!! She is such a sweetheart!!!!

Give Lisa my LOVE !!!!!

Well Momma I love you --Mahal kita!!  Have a wonderful week and I love you so dang much!!!!

SIster Mayberry

Sis. Tryon sent me a CTR ring in Tagalog

Yup - they were hot pockets !

These are the missionaries that left
Love them !!  Miss them !!

A Note from Mom:

Don't you just love it.  Check out the HAKA you tube video to see just what "Those white girls learned !!  Leka would be so proud.  

The package she's talking about is this:  About a week ago I got a letter saying "Mom - I need your help…."  She explained that she and Sis. Dryer wanted to get her roommates some more clothes (they didn't have very many).  She asked me to take money out of her account and buy them some things.  So - what do I do……  Taylor, Aubrey, and McKenna to the rescue.  I called her friends.  "Would you want to help?"  I asked.    "Yes PLEASE"  is all they answered.  So - they went and shopped and it was in the mail 2 days later.  Thank you girls --  SO MUCH !!!  Pretty special.  Love ya ladies !!

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