Monday, March 24, 2014

Email #2: I know that we were put in his path for a reason.

Baptism of Jenny & Marlon Sat, March 22nd

Today is the first day that it has rained so far. It definitely feels ALOT cooler. I like it haha. They love Americans. It is just a joke. They pretend to get a nose bleed. My roommate does it all the time. LOTS OF WALKING!!!! And mini busses. The food is hard. I eat whatever it is. I don’t even know what kind of meat it is actually. If a meal doesn’t have rice I feel like it wasn’t a meal now. I love rice!!! I eat it ALL the time. YUM!!! MASARAP!!

So this week was great and terrible at the same time. Parts are good and other parts of the day are awful! So just FYI -- laundry by hand is a pain!!!! I spent 1.5 hours today standing and scrubbing my clothes. I will NEVER complain about laundry at home ever again!!! So Tuesday we had a district meeting and our district leader Elder Burbridge told us that we can’t work with Brother Wilmnar if there isn’t another sister because of mission rules. So he is no longer working with us and we are lost all the time. Tuesday and Wednesday were hard because we didn’t know where any of the investigators lived. But on our way home we met this man. He stopped us and said he had seen us at 7/11 So we got his number and it was great.  The next day we had nothing to do. We didn’t know where anything was so we text him and he wanted us to go right then. So we did and he had so many questions. He said the Bible is confusing. And he wants to go to church and asked so many questions. We didn’t even get a lesson in because of all the questions. (In English by the way. ..Everyone likes to speak to me in English.  It is hard) so ya -- he is awesome. I can’t wait to meet with him again.

Wednesday was also super cool. We didn’t know where to go so we went to Jennys and asked her how she was and all that good pre-baptism jazz. She said she didn’t feel worthy because of the law of chastity. She is living with Marlon even though they aren’t married. BTW she already had her interview with President Tye and he said she was good. And yes you were right. If there is proof of a previous marriage and the baptism candidates would get married if they could, then they are able to get baptized. It’s weird but it is what it is. So I kept getting this impression to tell her something.  So at the end I did. I said (in English), “God loves all his children. He wants all his children to return to him. So he created a way for the Philippinos to return to him. He wouldn’t not let you get baptized because of a law of your government. He created the 5 year rule so you can be baptized.”   She cried and said thank you to me because since December she has felt guilty. I don’t know if she would have gotten baptized the way she was feeling.  It was a cool experience. She and Marlon got baptized Saturday.  IT WAS GREAT!!!!!!  

Oh and so Wednesday I ATE A FISH!!! It was like a whole fish.  I had to pick the meat off the bones. The lady kept saying,  “Here -- eat it -- take one.”  And I was like,  “I will I will.”  And then to Sister Sevia I was like—I don’t know how to eat it. So they all made fun of me and was like oh first time. But I did it. I ate it. It was okay. Still not my favorite. On Friday we had a family home evening with a family that I don’t know their names. I don’t know anyone’s names because I can’t even say them or understand them when they tell me.  It is hard. But it was fun. The chair i was sitting on broke and the lady felt so bad. I felt bad because she felt so bad. But i was totally okay. They fed us some soup.  IT WAS SO GOOD!!! Had like beef and noodles and fish (I think) and hot dog in it. It was great Haha.

So I eat top raman all the time. At the apartment we make top raman and eat it. Then we put rice on the juice and eat it. IT IS SO GOOD!!! I LOVE RICE. It’s great!! And they feed us so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! So Sister Dyer is in my zone I found out today. We had a zone activity today.  It was lunch and I ate all my food. It is getting easier. The Philippino stuff is fine but when I get like green beans and normal stuff I hate it. Haha. So I just eat the weird Philippino stuff over it.

Well I am having fun now. I have so much fun!!! It just took me getting over myself to do it. The language is hard because everyone speaks to me in English.  I still can’t understand much Tagalog. It is really hard.  So in the apartment I told my kasama that if I speak English don’t listen to me --make me try in Tagalg. It is really hard. But I am doing my part in my study and holding onto my blessings in my setting apart blessing. It is frustrating. It’s hard but I have to do my part and that’s all I can do.

OHHHHHHH SO GUESSS WHAT!?!?!?!?!? Last week when we were trying to find this house we came across this house of a less active and the daughter said her dad was a member but doesn’t go anymore. So earlier this week we stopped by but the wife wasn’t home so we came back last night. He wants to go back to church. He doesn’t know how because he feels so guilty. But his wife and daughter ALREADY want to be baptized and I taught part of the lesson. It was great!!! I know that we were put in his path for a reason. It was by totally accident that we met him. He said he has been praying for THREE years and we are his answer to his prayers. It was incredible!!!

NO WAY Adam is home. I refuse to believe it. He JUST left. I don’t care what you say haha. That is awesome. He looks great!!!!

Well momma I love you!!!! Tell everyone i love them.

Sister Mayberry

Doing Laundry !!!  Ugh ! 1 and a half  hours!

The teenagers --
They all show up to do splits with us.  AMAZING !!

My beach !!
Chad -- it's LEGAL !!

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