Monday, March 10, 2014

She's on her way !!

Well….. she is off !!  She called me at about 9:30.  I got on the phone and there was no voice.  Then I hear a sweet little voice --  crying.  And she said, "I just talked to Dad….  and he made me CRY!"  Then she was fine.  She laughed a lot.  She was so happy.  She told me a whole thing in Tagalog.  It might have been the first vision.  It sounded AMAZING !!  She said that she can speak it pretty well….  but understanding is super hard.  She'll do great !

So - it has taken me awhile to figure this out.  She left Seattle at 2:05.  She will get to Hong Kong at 3:30 tomorrow morning, but it will be 6:30 Tuesday night for her.  Then she heads to Manila and will get there by about 8:00 tomorrow morning (11:00 pm for her).  Then she will spend the night in a Hotel in Manila.  Her Mission President will get her Wednesday morning (which will be tomorrow night for us).  Whew!!  It's crazy - and it's really going to get some getting used to.

Later in the day I received a text message from some random phone with this awesome pic.  Chad said that she probably just asked someone to take it and send it.  Well - thank you stranger.  Love this!!

So - I'm hoping to get an email tomorrow night sometime or maybe Wednesday.  I'm hoping they let her email from the mission home.  So - stay tuned.  And - in 2 months I get to SKYPE with her.  That will be wonderful !!

As I hung up with her I said, "Well, Kenna - it's go time."  Her reply was, "Yup - it's go time.  I can't wait !!"

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