Monday, February 10, 2014

MTC Email #2: We can only do what we can do but the lord will make up the rest.

Yes I am getting emails. I have gotten some from Taylor and Aubrey. It has been nice. Oh and Rylee. And I am getting  the dear elders. You can always send me dear elders. They are my favorite thing! It is nice because our district leader gets them and passes them out. And it is nice to get one. My mail is:
Sister Mayberry
PHI-CAV Mar 10
then whatever it says on the website. The 10th is my offial leave America day. 

SO ya the provo temple is weird. It all goes into a circle. It is very odd. I'm not sure yet if I like it. And you stay in the same place. Which is super weird. THE screen is so high -  it hurts your neck. It hurts from looking up so long. But the chairs are so comfy so that's a plus. Today we did initiators. Which I enjoyed -- I like them. 

Chad was right. You are going to get sick at least once at the MTC. I got sick this week. It was terrible. I had a sore throat and a runny nose. On Wednesday when we were at language class I felt as if I was going to pass out. So during personal study I went and slept and my companion studied. It helped alot though. I felt a lot better after that. The elders were super nice and asking if I was okay. However.... when we were gone the zone got together because one of our zone leaders left. He went to the President and told him that he was unworthy and they sent him home. I guess he will be able to go back to the same mission if he decides to go back out. It was a very sad day. We all loved him and he was so much fun! But I am glad he is taking care of things. 

GUESS WHAT -- GUESS WHAT -- GUESS WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?  So we had 5 lessons altogether with our investigator Ace. On the 4th one we asked him to be baptized and he said no because he didn't know if it was true. SO we told him to pray again. The next day we asked again and again he said no. So we went on with the lesson about baptism and he asked us why we were baptized and how do we know it is true. And we bore the heck out of it!!! And at the end we asked again and he said YES!!!!!! Out first investigator said yes and if he was a real person he would have gotten baptized!!! It was so wonderful! I was so happy! it is crazy because we will have a lesson prepared and then the spirit guides us in a different way! And because we studied our lesson and know the vocab we were able to just teach. With the help of the spirit of course. I feel as if our exact obedience has blessed us. We are trying to be the best we can be and it pays off. We can only do what we can do but the lord will make up the rest. And we definitely felt that in our lessons! It was such a happy day! We now have 2 new investigators. I am excited!

The language is hard. BUT I LOVE IT!!! It really does feel as if I am supposed to be learning it!  I understand the grammar more and remember better. I am so excited!!!!! I can't wait to be able to speak it!

I don't need garments because I can get them here. But my team Cori shirt has a whole on the arm. So in my dorm I can wear it for bed. But if I go out anywhere I can't wear it. 

The devotionals are pretty good. I am so exhausted that sometimes I have to doodle to stay awake but I still pay attention. I love them though!

Don't do too much work Mom!!! Take it easy! I am not there to make you sit down haha. Tell Kacie to Dearelder me and I'll send her a letter back!!!   She touched the cat?!?!?!!? What is going on in the world?!? Haha. 

Well Mama tell Chad happy birthday i sent him a card though so he should get it soon. Tell everyone I love them and dearelders are wonderful!!!! I love everyone have a wonderful week!!!!


Sister Dryer my companion

My District Sisters
My leaders love me --  little gift.

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  1. Hey babe I love you and I will send you a new shirt!!!