Monday, February 24, 2014

February 17th MTC Email #3: Holy Heck of a Week!!

Where do I even start????? UGHHHHHH

Our zone leaders offered blessings to us during our meeting with them so myself and Sister Dryer got one. It was good. Not really a comfort one but kind of a wake up call one.  Which was great -- and some comfort. It was good though haha. On Sundays our branch leaders come which is basically Bishopric. And during Sunday District Meetings one of them come in. During ours he said a little birdie told him that Sis. Mayberry blossomed this week. I was like ummm okay thanks?!?!? Haha but it was definitely good. OH MY HECK!!!!! ELDER HOLLAND came last night. His son was our devotional speaker so Elder Holland came to introduce him. He only spoke for like 4 minutes but it was seriously so cool!!!! And we were ushers last night so we got to tell people where to sit.

Thanks so much for the package. We are going to put it in a box and give it to the mail office.  Anonymously unless something fails epically. 

I LOVE LISA!!!! Tell her I love her to death please!!!!!! 

The MTC is a roller coaster for sure. Your emotions change so fast. It is crazy!!! But it has been so much fun!!! More fun than I had thought it would be!!!

MY MTC IS HALF OVER!!!! I am so excited to leave!! But nervous because of the language.  It is kinda hard. SO get this -- if I say Pinipatay (i think i conjugated it right but not sure haha) ang mga tao ng tagapagligtas that means people killed the savior but if I say pinipatay ng mga tao ang tagapagligtas  that means the savior klled the people.  Did you see a difference in those sentences?? Yep it is so small. Difference between ang and ng. That one letter can totally change the meaning of the sentence and be really bad to say in a lesson. It is kinda hard haha. But I love it.  I am so excited to get there so I can learn the language!!!!

I need...... a foot pumice thing. The bookstore doesn’t have it and my feet need it so bad!!!!!  Different socks. The socks I got for my flats are like nylons and they stink.  I need like normal ones. If you know what I am talking about.  Haha if not that’s okay. So my crocs... they are too small they don’t stretch out at all.  So I will have to just get some when I get there.

THANKS SO MICH FOR THE BOX!!!!  My zone loved it! I gave the bubbles to my district. My zone all loved the candy!!! Elder Cook took about 15 fun dips and Elder Dougal took like 5. They all loved it! It was definitely a hit! I love my twizzlers!!!! I have missed those for sure!!! And thanks for the stuff I needed. AND MY PICTURES!!!!!!! I miss that cat so much! She looks way better in those pictures than the last picture that I saw!!!!! Everyone was like --tell your mom thank you!!!! It was a big hit!!!!!

Well guys I love you so much!!!!!!! I love it here.  I feel the spirit practically all day!!! Oh and in my blessing Elder M said basically word for word what my setting apart blessing said. So ya!!!

Mahal Kita! Alam ko po na propeta ang Joseph Smith. Naniniwala po ba ako mapagmahal ng Dyios. Nagdasal si Joseph SMith alam totoo, Makinig and Dyiod sa atin. Mahal na mahal. LOVE YOU!!!!!

Sister Mayberry  

See Mom - I really am trying to look CUTE !
(I told her that I didn't want any frumpy sister missionary pictures.  HA!)

This is Jenna's card she drew on her notecard.  Love it !!

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