Monday, February 3, 2014

MTC Email #1: The MTC is great, hard, terrible ...wonderful

Oh my gosh they RUINED Tinker. She looks so ugly!!!! I am so sad!!!! NEVER LET THEM DO THAT AGAIN!!!  Haha. I miss her for sure. I miss all of you - don't worry. Kacie's letter that she gave me was super sweet. I sent her one back but I had to send it to you guys because I dont have hers.Can you dear elder me hers and nanas please. Salamat! (Thank you)

So it's weird... there is snow. It is a very strange thing. It is not too cold. I actually really enjoy the cold. It has been nice. And BYU icecream is like a HUGE deal. And I have NO idea why. It isn't even like super good. But everyone loves it. I need my nail polish. I forgot it haha and a nail file. And my Cori Jane shirt has a whole in it :(  I never wore it either :(  

SO my companion is Sister Dryer from Layton Utah. I LOVE HER. We get along so well. She is such a happy person -- I love it. We have similar personalities in the fact that we like to get things done. It is nice,. She is so fast though! She like runs up the stairs and I am always behind haha. But I like her. She reminds me of Taylor mixed with Lisa. And she likes the boys too. It is so very strange. Haha. But everything is good. I love my roomates too Sister Woodruff who is related to Wilford Woodruff. And then Sister Vaka. I LOVE THEM TOO! I love my district.  The elders are awesome. Elder Cook and Elder Vilingia. They are so kind and care so much about us. It is wonderful! Then my zone OH GOSH I love them. There is another district with 4 sisters and 2 elders. Then another district that is all Elders. They are all so astig (awesome)!!! They always are so nice.  We all sit at every meal and occasion. They always try to help us with our Tagalog. They are great! 

Yesterday was super hard. My comp did something and it kinda set me off. So I was in a bad mood. I felt like I was going to puke -- Which happens like every morning. But this time it was really bad. I was SO tired. Then she did that and I was like I'm done. It hit me then that I won't see any of you for 18 months!!! I just wantesd to cry. I was like, "Why am I even here? I want to go home. I know I can't but I want to. I hate this."  It was terrible. Then we had companion inventory where we talk about out relationship and she apologized and warned me that it is one of her "things"-- so then I was fine. Then we went to sacrament with our zone and everything that can be said in Tagalog is in Tagalog. The testimonies were really cool. Then at the end we sang Called To Serve but in Tagalog.  And I started crying. I couldn't even sing because I felt so strong. I know that I am supposed to be here. Learning Tagalog. NO matter how hard it is. Because it is. It is the hardest thing I have ever done. Like seriously so hard!!! But I knew at the moment that I'm here for the long run! It was such a great experience. I mean I cried and that is weird. It was an incredible experience. 

We taught two lessons already!!! The first one was okay for me. My comp had a HARD time. Her part she couldn't do. But my part I was able to say that I know God is our Heavenly Father. I know that God loves us. And asked him if he believed and he said oo(yes). Alam ko po na Dyios po ang Ating Ama sa langit. Almo ko po nar mapagmahal po ang Ating Ama Sa Langit.  Then I was able to pray. After that my comp was super super sad. But the next night (saturday) we taught better. We taught him about Joseph Smith and how to pray. It was awesome!

We went to the temple today! Provo temple is weird! I like Mesa haha. It was good though. Hard to stay awake because I am so tired. I love walking to the temple though! 

Well the MTC is great, hard, terrible, wonderful, everything you can think of. I love Tagalog! I really do. Well I love you all!!  Ingat (Take care!) Mahal Kita 

Sister Mayberry

I can't send pictures because I do not have an adaptor.  I have to get that today. We just found that out. But don't worry-- I have some to send you next week!

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