Monday, May 26, 2014

Email #11: I just need to breathe every once in a while.

We love AIR CON !!!

So first I will answer your questions. We paid one bill but the other one is so expensive we have to figure that out first. Sister Sevia and I have taken the bills upon ourselves to make sure it is done. And well the rest I’ll answer in my email. But you’re going to New York?!?!?!? That is awesome! You guys will definitely enjoy it.

SO Monday we had a district activity. We watched FROZEN!!! Well most of it. We had to leave part way through it. And the Disney movies are starting... today for a zone activity we are watching Rio 2. Oh boy..... haha. It wasn’t terrible. But I am also
on my mission so that’s all I have hahahahaha!

So I got my package on Tuesday!!!!!! It was great!!! All the elders were excited because it said there was only food in it. So they were like-- here Sister Mayberry let me help you. You need help.  And I said -- not from you I don’t because they wanted the jerky. Haha. But that necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!! It is great! SO pretty I want to wear it a lot but I wore it twice and all I do is sweat. So it is already yellow. So I am going to try to find cleaner for it. But I will wear it sometimes. I wish I could more but I don’t want to ruin it. But I love it!!!!!!!!! SO cute! And the ones for my companions. Such a  cute idea. I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So on Tuesday we went to a new investigator named Cristlyn. She is awesome. She is a referral from sister Jenny (ya another one!!!) She is so receptive and wants to learn more. She is great and I am so excited to teach her more.

On Wednesday we went on a search for less actives and we found a few. Brother Wilmar came with us and helped us find them. There are so many it is crazy! Wednesday was really hard. I didn’t understand alot.

SO Thursday was an interesting day. Sister Boulabon (the other sister) had to go to the mission office to make her decision about whether she was going to go home or not. And they (Sis B and Sister Lamson) have investigators they needed to see. So I stayed home with Sister B and Sister Sevia. So we went to the mission office then stayed home (Sister was also super sick) so I had like 5 hours to just study the language. It went so fast. I don’t feel like it helped very much. It just made me overwhelmed. There is so much to know and I don't know it. I got too frustrated. And it rained that day so it wasn’t super hot! Man this place floods bad! Within about 45 minutes it was like the road on the way to your school after a bad storm. It floods so bad! So that night Sister Leavitt (who is the sister training leader and also my lola which means grandma. She is Sister Sevia’s trainer) and I just cried to her on the phone. This week I got too discouraged about the language. It was probably the hardest week of my life. Really. And I just cried to her. She gave me advice. She said all it takes is time and prayer. I’m like I know-- I am but nothing is changing. And it was so hard. So I just cried.

Last week the ward had a swimming activity and went to a resort... Well Brother Wilmar’s nephew went and ran away and went to the adult pool where it is super deep. He is 8 years old. He was by himself and there were no lifeguards.  He drowned and died. Ya! At the ward activity. So sad. He was 8oyears old. SO Friday we went to his funeral and it was super sad. But the parents were less active along with the mother. And now they are all wanting to get back into the church. They came to church yesterday. It was so sad.

Saturday everyone in our house was sick. So the other three went and slept for a while and I stayed down and studied language for about 3 hours. So I had a lot of extra study this week. And that one was better than the first. I have to take it step by step. Then that night we went to a buffet because Brother Wilmar’s sons birthday was Wednesday. That was a good buffet! It’s weird they call it “eat all you can” while us in America call it “all you can eat.”

Sunday sunday sunday...... Such a hard day!!  During church the teacher called me out and said I was teaching the lesson on baptism and I was like --no. I have never taught it. Haven't had to yet so I have really focused my study on it so I have no idea how to teach it sa Tagalog. I was like -- no and every one was like yes and I almost burst into tears right there. And brother Marlon was so nice. He kept turning to me and saying kaya mo iyan (you can do it). He was so nice but Brother Wilmar saved me and said Sister Mayberry chorister and if there are questions Sister Mayberry will answer them. It was so scary and I was so upset.
So after that we went to the cr (bathroom) and I just cried. It was terrible. So hard. Then we went home and now all 4 of us are sick. So we all slept until we had a meeting. And then went home and rested. Sister Sevia is super sick! Then we had FHE with Sister Jenny’s family.  Webster (their son who finally decided to listen) and Rondave (their neighbor who we are teaching!!!! And he came to church) were there and it was so much fun!!! They are my favorite family. We always joke around and it is great. I love going over there.

This week was very hard. The past week and a half have been the hardest of my life really. I have cried more this week then I probably have my whole life.  But I am here and I made it through. I know I have to be easy on myself and take this whole language thing one step at a time.  I know I can do it. I am promised that in my blessing. I just need to breathe every once in a while.

So Sister Boulabon went home. She was home sick. She left this morning. So now we are a tri-sum. And have the whole entire ward until June 4 which are transfers. It will be interesting.

Well Momma I love you so much and I love dad and Lena too!! Oh guess what? So binibini is a word and you pronounce it (be-knee-be-knee) just like Lena. It means lady like binibini Mayberry. I thought it was funny!!

Goofing around before Sister B left.

This sister's home is the whole box. 

FHE with Jenny's family & neighbors.

YUM!  It's so expensive here !

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  1. Kenna babe! You inspire me! You are one of the most amazing and strong women that I know. You make people smile as soon as you enter a room and you radiate confidence. I know tht things are hard but don't let it get you down, I know you are doing your best and that is what is asked of us. I love seeing your pictures with your amazing missionary glow, even if it's mainly sweat! I love you to the moon and back and I know that you can do this!!!! Stay calm and track on!!!