Monday, May 12, 2014

Email #9: Mother's Day Phonecall

We got to talk to our girl last night.  It was wonderful !!  And……. HORRIBLE!  It was so good to see her smile, to hear her voice, to just TALK to her face to face for a few minutes.  It was so incredibly difficult to say goodbye after 45 minutes.  The time went by so quickly.  She was emotional, especially when she saw the cat.  HA!  She DOES love that thing more than me !!  She said that she is doing really good, but that it is VERY difficult.  She confided in Chad her frustration over the language.  She told me that it is hard, but she went into more depth with Chad.  He said that she gets called names and made fun of ALOT.  Ugh!  HARD!  Chad was able to help her I think…..  and give her some good advice.  Chad swears to me that it is all very normal.  And, every person I've known that has gone foreign has said the same thing to me.  "Ya…..  that happens."  It will just all of a sudden get better.  But - she loves the work.  She had a rag that she constantly swiped at her sweaty forehead.  It was so cute!  At first I thought it was for her tears….  but no.  It was for the sweat!  It was very hard to say goodbye.  She was like, "I gotta go."  But - she didn't want to say goodbye.  So - I finally just said, through my tears, "Ok - Kenna.  Here we go.  1, 2, 3…. " and hit the button.  Then I laid down on the carpet in the living room and cried.  But - hey….  only 7 and 1/2 months before I get to do this again.  Chad said that by the next phone call she won't be homesick at all, or be emotional.  Ah!  But….  I WILL!   Later she did email me this short email about her week.  

So quick review of this week. Probably the saddest week yet....

We had a few lessons this week, Not alot which was sad. But our investigators didn't really progress at all this week. The saddest is May Fransisco. We had to drop her. She isn’t progressing and we had a member come with us and because she was there May decided to tell us what she really thought.  She said she doesn’t like it – doesn’t want it - doesn't like the steps for prayer and won’t get baptized. But when it is just Sister Sevia and I she said she believes and knows it is true.  SO we said thank you and left and won’t be going back. IT was so hard!! I don’t want to drop her but we have to....

We also had interviews with President Tye. He gave us TOOTSIE POPS!!!!  I was so excited.  They are one of my favorites!!!!! It was good. Sister Tye had to talk to both Sister Sevia and I instead of us by ourselves because we have so many medical problems. My feet, my dehydration, Sister Sevia’s back. So we felt bad. But it’s okay. My medicine will help with lots of water.

Oh and guess what? We got a new sister in the apartment. Sister Bodota was emergency transferred and we got a new sister.  Sister Bulabon. Bodota was having companionship problems and got transferred. This sister is super nice and helps me with my Tagalog haha.

Sister Mayberry

New sister

cowboy hat -- I felt right at home !!

Little kitty - made me miss Tinker

Family Home Evening

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